ETEM architectural systems designed to meet vast and demanding expectations!
Our daily interface with the outside world comes through the architectural systems of a building e.g. a door or a window. A window could be the most important frame in the building since it holds very challenging and  contradicting objectives.
ETEM’s product range for architectural systems offers a wide variety of solutions to practically realize every residential or commercial application, such as opening doors, sliding systems, internal doors, sun shading railings, systems for the construction of main entrances and many more.
In an era where aesthetics is of significant importance in the modern architecture, ETEM offers a wide collection of straight and round contour profiles to meet traditional and contemporary architectural requirements, thus allowing the user to select the system of his choice. Energy conservation has been a fundamental prerequisite in ETEM’s new generation of energy efficient design.Without compromising functionality, aesthetic appearance and durable  performance, all these characteristics have to be integrated into systems that offer additional features of thermal insulation, noise reduction, resistance to wind loads and water penetration.
With international presence in the Southeastern Europe, Balkan states and Southeastern Mediterranean countries, ETEM offers a variety of systems, depending on the complexity and uniqueness of each market. The end user can benefit from the system of choice.
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