Dedicated to quality, committed to precision.
Combining over 40 years of industrial metallurgical experience, with continuous investments in state-of-the-art technological equipment and highly skilled people, ETEM has become a significant supplier of aluminum profiles and aluminum semi-finished and finished products to the automotive industry.
Our objective is to understand our customers’ needs and their processed, and provide to them value added products that will eventually help them to achieve their goals. Benefiting from a Research and Development team with extensive experience on the automotive sector, we collaborate with our customers starting from the preliminary stage of a project.
With the objective to offer complete solutions, and a one stop shop, we have built long lasting relations over the years with our customers. R&D, extrusion, surface treatment, packaging and transportation are indicative services ETEM offers to its customers. ETEM’s continuous development on the technologies applied to our extrusion plants make it possible to deliver controlled semi-finished and finished products, ready for use in the automotive industry. In ETEM we have the ability to proceed with tailor made investments in machining and tolling, in order to deliver aluminum products that are specific to a project.

Automotive industry’s strict norms and requirements require highly certified and standardized procedures. ETEM, dedicated to deliver quality products according to specification, collaborates and forms partnerships with accredited organizations and laboratories throughout Europe (Institute Fur Korrosionsshutz in Dresden, NTUS- National Technical University of Athens etc) in order to test and certify our products and processes.
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